Southwest Metro Corridor works

  • Southwest Metro Corridor works:
    • Upgrading 12 bridges that cross over or under the railway, including installation of safety screens
    • Civil construction including work on retaining walls, culverts and track drainage
    • Fencing along the rail corridor and the segregation of the existing freight line from the new driverless railway
    • Rail systems work including new track crossovers, upgrading and refurbishing overhead wiring and work to support signalling and communication equipment
    • Utility modifications.

Planning Approval

A copy of the Sydney Metro City and Southwest Sydenham to Bankstown Upgrade Planning Approval can be found here;

Environment Management Plan and Approved Documents

A Construction Environment Management Plan and certain sub-plans are required in accordance with the Sydney Metro City and Southwest Sydenham to Bankstown Upgrade Planning Approval. It is noted that the Community Communications Strategy (CCS) and Business Management Plan form part of the SMu management plan suite. Please refer to the SMu web page for these plans.

Some SMC Construction works will be conducted under the SMEW – CTMP and Addendum. Please refer to the SMEW page for these plans.

Management Plans, CEMP and Sub Plans

Management PlanLatest ER EndorsementOriginal DPIE Approval
Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) – Rev1229/06/2226/10/21
Construction Soil and Water Management Plan (CSWMP) – Rev0917/06/2226/10/21
Construction Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) – Rev0923/09/2126/10/21
Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan (CNVMP) – Rev0823/09/2126/10/21
Visual Amenities Management Plan (VAMP) – Rev0409/09/2126/10/21
Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) – Rev0331/05/21*
CTMP Addendum – Bankstown Early Works – RevC06/10/21*

* RMS approval

Consistency Assessments

Minor Work Approvals – Sydney Metro West Corridor Works

Minor Work Approvals – Bankstown Additional Corridor Works

Other Documentation

During the course of the project, other environmental and Planning Approval documentation may be required. It is noted that any monitoring required under the Environmental Protection Licence (EPL 21147) is maintained under the SMu web page. A link to EPL 21147 can also be found on the SMu page.

Construction Monitoring Reports